Communication Reinforcement

In order to complement the CDN work and ensure appropriate, fluent and adequate information to the beneficiary population and key stakeholders concerning the objectives, activities, expected results and MDE Saweto Perú implementation progress, it is necessary to establish a communication process encouraging synergies with entities working in the project influence areas with similar objectives, for reaching greater efficiency in the use of the resources and extending the impact of their activities.

 In this context, there is a guiding communication strategy implemented to make it easier reaching compromises, and which also enables the appropriation of this initiative by the communities, as well as their leadership in its implementation.


General Objective: To contribute to the indigenous peoples initiative and their organizations through the communicative support for the implementation of the MDE to ensure the territory preservation and the sustainable use of their resources in the Peruvian Amazon.

Specific objectives:


To reinforce the communication capacities in the MDE initiative participating organizations through a training system promoting the use of communication tools.


To inform key stakeholders about the activities, benefits, achievements and challenges of the MDE initiative in order to encourage complementary actions in favor of the EPS.


To inform communities within the Amazon regions about the activities, benefits, achievements and challenges of the MDE initiative.


To reinforce synergies with other projects and similar stakeholders through a greater visibility of the MDE initiative.